Thursday, August 24, 2006

affect of technology on education

For me technology affects education in a good way because for searching things I need it like for example for buying my school backpack I search on the jansport website to see the design and see which one I like you can even bide things in the internet but you don’t know if it is to save to buy things. For me technology is a great and of the best humanity creations.

My expectations for creating my own blog for English are very good I think is going to be very cool because it is like making your own webpage and it is going to be my first time I think I am going to have fun.


*Vale M* said...

I think that Lissette is very right because technology is very good for us, although it can make you a little lazy for things, but in all it is very good for people to advance

N@t!.. said...

I think you're right when you say technology has maked our lifes easier in many things...You have good ideas, Although technology also makes us a little lazy.