Friday, April 27, 2007

murio el matematico y astrologo nostradamus.
Johnn F. Kennedy
firma la nueva ley de derechos civiles.
James stuart
este actor muere.
Robert Adam
nace este arquitecto.
gano su independencia.
Carlito's way
se estreno la pelicula
A bronx tale
se estreno l apelicula
hijo de la pantera rosa.
se estreno la pelicula
el banquete de boda
se estreno la pelicula
rebeldes del swing
se estreno la pelicula
all apologies
salio esta cancion
penny royal tea
salio esta cancion
rape me
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salio estca cancion
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jessica simpson
nacieron osea es su cumpleaño
tom cruise
nacieron osea es su cumpleaños
ashley tisdale
nacieron osea es su cumpleaños
lindsay lohan
nacieron osea es su cumpleaños
pamela anderson
nacieron osea es su cumpleaños
El club dumas
1993 email de la ms

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Reflections On TLP

When we first started the Teen Life Project I thought it will just be a simple English project, in which we would just do it and then forget about everything but I know that I would never forget this project in which I learn a lot and meat new friends from different parts of the world.

I didn’t just have many friends I learn mainly about eating disorders which was my topic for the Teen Life Project. Now I will always be prevented and I will never have an eating disorder nor I will permit someone around me will have an eating disorder.

I learn about the three main types of eating disorders which are bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. Bulimia is when someone is scared of getting weight so they do not eat then from the extreme hunger they do binge eating and they fill very fat for all the things they have eaten so they throw up, Anorexia is when someone is in good shape but he or she sees themselves very fat and they start to put themselves under extreme dieting so they became very thin, finally binge eating which means compulsive eating as the names says, its people that eat food in huge amounts for example a person with binge eating will eat a whole cake instead of one or two slices.

There are many celebrities in the world that have eating disorders and many of us want to be like them. Just for that we get eating disorders just because they are rich and have the “perfect life” but who said that money will buy your health, your interior peace, and family love. Eating disorders are not just physically they are also from the mind the way you fell with yourself and others.

Men with eating disorders is treated in another way many men are scared of telling someone they have an eating disorder because they could be consider homosexual, this is because homosexual men re more worried about there physical appearance, body shape, and weight. Many of them do not get a cure because of the lack of treatment places for men because they would be shy to tell their experiences in front of a group of women.

Women that are pregnant can’t have babies while having an eating disorder but after the eating disorder problem when they are cured they have more probabilities to getting pregnant.

I think that people should be sure and comfortable with the way they are the way God created them. Or if someone thinks he or she is a little overweight he should talk to a nutritionist so that he or she would give you a balanced diet in which you would have the correct shape or weight that goes with your body. Especially for having a healthy body because the important is the inside not the outside and if someone is going to like you should look at the inside and your feelings not what you are in the outside. You should also make a lot of exercise to maintain a good body shape. No matter what the people tell you or said about your body shape or weight you should always be yourself, have self confidence, and be sure of you.

Finally this was a great project in which I learned thousands of things. From he projects you make in your childhood you forget most of them but I know I would never forget it. We learn many things like making a documentary it was really fun making one. I hope any of us never forget about this great project and I hope you like my reflection.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I couldn’t found information on male celebrities with eating disorders but I did found information on psychologist opinion . I found the opinion of psychologists in Spain. Psychologists made a goal to study the relationship between dissatisfaction with someone’s body shape and weight and eating disorders with students in Basque country. The psychologists took 969 students in ages from 11 to 18 years old, in which 508 were female and 461 were males. They made them a questionnaire, the eating attitude test and the body dissatisfaction scale of the eating disorders inventory. The results were that the probability of females having an eating disorder was 7.1 % and the probability of men having an eating disorder was of 2.4 %. Appeared that the concern of body shape in females was the 32% and the concern of body shape and weight in males 8.9 %. Studies proved that in pre- adolescence and adolescence is when the persons are more at risk of having an eating disorder we should make campaigns.

Body image is the three-dimensional mental representation that each person has of itself. This image us continually constructed and determine a physical, psychological, and social way of being the person.. According to the psychologist Schilder 1958.

Know the opinion of Slade 1988 he defines body image as the picture each of us has in or mind of the size of each of us. Also the characteristics. The feelings, thoughts and beliefs of each person. Also the social. The development of the image is influenced by events as illness, being sexually abuse and socialization.

I already talk about what psychologists think about body image because this is one of the first causes of an eating disorder. I think that people should learn to love each other no matter if they are fat thin or normal. If people when they get an eating disorder they think that they are helping themselves and their body because they are going to be more beautiful they are not conscious of what they re doing and what can an eating disorders cause. They do not love themselves and those people have a low self-esteem. That is the way God make you God made you like that for a reason. You could died just for being thin having an eating disorder if you know that something like this is happening to you, you should tell your family and ask urgently for a group of doctors as psychologist because it affects your mind, nutritionists and doctors they will help you have a healthy and good way for eating and if you try to get a cure on time you could be safe.
If you have an eating disorder you could not get pregnant and almost everyone in the world would want to have a baby. If you get an eating disorders to have that spectacular body you see t the rich and famous people on TV so that people like you or to have a couple if people re going to like you or you are going to have a couple he should like you for your way of being. Your feelings and not for your physic and body image.

I hope that of you read get conscious of what is to have an eating disorder.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Men and Eating Disorders

Well as I said on my past post I wanted to look for men and eating disorders I did found it. It is estimated that 8 million people in the united sates suffer from an eating disorder and about the 10 percent of that people are men. Like women are the ones who mostly have an eating disorder man are more coward to find the help they deserve. It is often worse the shame a men receives when he has an overweight. Cause women are more criticized when they are binge eaters.

Mostly homosexual men are more to suffer an eating disorder as anorexia and bulimia because of the tendency of the gay community to be concerned on their success and appearance. Although many heterosexual men suffer from an eating disorder and mostly they are embarrassed because they can be considered gay therefore an eating disorder is mostly considered a female problem.

There could be more commotion over being gay with an eating disorder because of the lack of groups designed for men to a recovering of an eating disorder. Men feel very alone I having to be sited with a group of women. I think this way men would not express the way it needs to be and confess everything for a better recovering because the place is full of women that understand each other more. There should be more places for men to go and express there feelings with men each other would understand each other in a better way.

Men who do sport of low-weight as jockies, wrestlers, or runners have more risk of having an eating disorder as anorexia and bulimia. The pressure o succeeds and be the best player with athletic pressure may lead to a disorder eating.

It is not uncommon for men who have an eating disorder to be involved with drugs and alcohol problems. Men ho suffer any eating disorder as anorexia and bulimia have more sexual anxiety. They may also have a link to ADHD which stand for attention deficit and hyperactive. For those men and women there may be co-existing psychological illness that can be present, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-injury behavior and substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, and borderline personality disorder and multiple personality syndrome.

Something very important is that men and women with eating disorders as bulimia and anorexia both will have the same psychological problems and low-self steeme a need to be accepted, depression, anxiety or other existing psychological illness, and an inability to cope with emotions and persona issues. Many of the causes of an eating disorder for men and women are the same as family problems, relationship issues, alcoholic/addictive parent, abuse, societal pressure. Both men and women have the rights to get a recovery be happy and love themselves.

I think that men should have the same right as women to have an eating disorder. If people make them feel shy to say that they have an eating disorder because people would think they are gay would be very bad because that way they would not tell anyone about there eating disorder and then it may be too late to get him recover and they could die.

I would like to research more on which men celebrities have an eating disorder or if possible search on the opinion of psychologists on eating disorders. This is my post I hope you like it. If you are a man and you read it and have an eating disorder or know any men with an eating disorder don’t be shy o tell them to not be shy an eating disorder needs to be taken seriously.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Celebrities and Eating Disorders

As I said on my last post I wanted to search more about the eating disorders on famous people I found on celebrities. Many famous people have an eating disorder I can say that mostly girls because I haven’t found any famous men with an eating disorder.

The first women I found was a Brazilian model called Ana Carolina Reston which died when she was 21 years old. This happened because she had anorexia, and anorexia gave her an infection which killed her. Her cousin Dani Grimaldi told the estado the Sao Paulo that her cousin once had bulimia to. It is terrible and heartbreaking to say that someone died because she couldn’t get a treatment for an eating disorder. Mostly if she died at age 21 anorexia is an eating disorder that needs to be taken serious.

The second celebrity I search on was Nicole Richie very know for many teenagers. A doctor called DR. Jantz said that if she didn’t take care of herself she could die like she is putting herself in danger. She is working with a team of doctors who are nutritionists to eat on a healthy way although this is not a treatment for an eating disorder. She left the eating disorder treatment 72 hours later. They found her under the influence of drugs so the people said is it drugs who make her skinny or anorexia or both.

Lindsay Lohan was another girl who had an eating disorder she says that it ruin her life. She doesn’t like that girls follow them just for being famous and having money like who said that money buys you health, money, and love.

Another girl who admitted she had an eating disorder in her pre-teen years was Ashley Simpson. She learned a lesson from the experience to love her body. She thinks that she has good curves and is not sexy a women who is just a bone and is sad when someone looks at the mirror and sees herself ugly.

I think that what Ashley Simpson thinks about a girl looking at the mirror and seeing herself ugly is very often on people. Mostly teenagers when they look in the mirror they never see themselves as a beautiful girl they always found something even a little thing they don’t like about themselves for examples today in the world many girls when they have there sweet 15 or 16 they ask there parents to give some kind of plastic surgery don’t matter the risk it has.

I think that a girl who has 15 or 16 is not at the age to have a plastic surgery. They start at that age and you don’t know how many more surgeries they are going to make they aren’t natural anymore. The girls or boys should feel and be comfortable with their physic appearance and what they have that is the way God make them. But obviously if they have a surgery because they had an accident it doesn’t matter.

Other things that I want to know about my topic are the eating disorders on men. The opinion of doctors on eating disorders. I hope you like my post and see all those Hollywood stars you believe have a perfect life.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Eating disorders

One of the first’s things I read on an article in Google News which was about parents influencing their daughters in having eating disorders. Most of the people that think of an eating disorder do not thing of it being related with the family but the family is a great influenced, sometimes parents make their daughters or sons to be thin and start saying them they need to be thin or criticizing on their shape or weight although they do not know that they could cause a severe problem as an eating disorder. This could happen because sometimes parents when they were kids or mostly teenagers always wanted to be thin or had a psychological problem for being thin. Parents influencing kids start concerning them from their childhood.

I saw two videos of eating disorders in the BBC News one was about a girl who wanted to be thin but she never thought of an eating disorder. But searching on the internet she saw a page that said you hate yourself, you are fat you want to be anorexic and then she started reading and she registered on the page she says that it ruins her life she would wish that the page have never appeared.

The other video I saw was on Italian government targeting Italian models for no being anorexic and extremely thin. The Italian government is trying to make people and teenagers see that you don’t have to be anorexic to be beautiful as a model. I think this is an excellent project and a great idea Italians had.

I didn’t know that parents influenced their daughters to having an eating disorder. I think that when people make campaigns or things to have less people with eating disorders they should not only talk with the kids or teenagers they should talk to their parents. When they talk with them they should guide them. The schools should do campaigns for eating disorders because you almost past most of the day at school, and the school is your second family almost any school here in Cartagena I think makes any campaigns or teachings to the teenagers and kids to be prevented for eating disorders. By making kids aware, kids would not go to WebPages or thing on the web to have an eating disorder. I have a friend who was anorexic bur just starting she was thin and she said she was fat she didn’t eat any breakfast and anything at school she just ate her lunch during the day. But then I and my friends started telling her she needed to eat because she could get sick and she start eating and now she eats at school and has a great body weight and shape.

I think I should research more on the family reaction when people have an eating disorder and the family help given to the affected. On the percentage of Hollywood stars with an eating disorder as the Olsen twins, Victoria Beckaman, and Lindsay Lohan this are some famous people that are involved or have been involved in eating disorders, I want to know how they feel know before of it ad if they have right now how do they feel right now.

Finally this re the things I want to learn and my opinion I hope you like it.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Eating disorders

I am very interested in what Hanisa from Malaysia wrote about teenagers and how they are affected by the media I will like to talk more about 3 eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Being eating. First I’ll explain each of them from what I know Anorexia is very common and it consists in: people being thin by they see themselves as if they were fat. bulimia is that the people are scared of gaining weight so they don't eat but the they are very hungry so they eat a lot and then they throw out so that it is like if they haven’t eat anything. Being eating is another eating disorder which consists of compulsive eating. Now I am going to explain more specifically the eating disorders.

I will start with bulimia the physical symptoms of bulimia your teeth and gun get damage, you have dehydration, fatigue, dry skin, irregular heart beat, scars or calluses on knuckles and hands, and menstrual irregularities. The motion and behaviors of people with bulimia is they have constant dieting, episodes of binge-eating, feeling out of control, scared of getting weight, unhealthy body shape ad weight, and depression or anxiety. The causes of bulimia are psychological, sociocultural, and biological. The risk factors are: dieting, puberty, transitions, sports work and artistic activities, media and society. Complications: cardio vascular problems, tooth and gun problems, throat and mouth problems, low potassium levels, digestive problems, abuse of medication and drugs. Treatment: medical care, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, medication and hospitalization.

Now anorexia the sign and symptoms of anorexia are; physical: weight loss, no periods, fainting, and cold intolerance. Behavior: extract diet; eat hiding, binge eating, compulsive exercise. Emotional: depression, anxiety, low-self estern, gains weight, body image distortion. Causes: teenagers, women up to 20, people develop anorexia by pure pression. Risk factors: by dieting, by weight loss, weight gain, puberty, sport work and artistic activity. Complications: anemia, heart problems, bone loss, ling problems, absence of periods, I males the decrease of testosterone, and kidneys problems. Treatment: medical care psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, hospitalization.

Binge-eating: sign and symptoms: eating excessive amounts of food in which the other people would eat under similar situations, until pain, eating much more food between meals than a normal meal or snack, eating fast, feeling depressed, lots of anxiety, eating alone. Here are just the symptoms for you to know sorry I didn’t have the rest of information.

Many girls are influenced to have an eating disorder by the media and social. Is that today many girls are suffering for being fat, they get nicknames or are not accept by people. Every girl wants to be like the ones they see at the TV most of them have an eating disorder for example Olsen twins and Nicole Richie they are famous and very beautiful girls but not eating makes them ugly and is not only of the way they see physically they can get sick. Psychologically they are not right and sometimes these girls want to go back but sometimes they are too late but most of the time if you have the positive thinking and all the energy to do it you can do it. Well here I have things you can know check to see if you have one to go fast and take it off your mind and body.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Issues for my life and in the future

Hy name is Lisette and I am 13 years old, as you may knowI study in Colegio Jorge Washington and I live in Cartagena, Colombia. I like soccer and basketball but I am only in basketball team this year i practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridyas. On weekends I go out with my friends to campito,El corral, crepe's & waffles,Club Cartagena,El otoyal or sometimes we go to islands in which we have a great time and a alot of fun. My schedule starts at 7:00am when school begins and ends at 2:30pm. This year me and my classmates are making a teen life project and this project consists in choosing an issue that you think is important for your life and future. We have to make a presentation of our issue and then we are going to talk with people from other places like United States, Canda ,and Malasya and learn more thing about our issue.

One of the issues I pick was global warming it consists in that the atmosphere is getting thicker because of the gases from earth the spray stuff use gas for expulsing the the substance it contains, that gas damages the atmosphere and is not protecting us too much from the rays which is melting the poles and the level of water is going up. Another thing that is involved in global warming are fabric which throw smog and chemicals to the atmosphere as the same as a cigarrete smoke.

Another issue that I am worried about today and in the future a lot for my country is the guerrilla which is are ilegal forces who want to take power of the goverment little kids are take to train to grow up as guerrilla they tell them that they would give them food and all the things they need. The guerrilla kidnapped and kill many people living their families in continues procupation whith a non fill spot in their hearts, they kidnapped them and tell people an amount of money they have to give so that their familiars can be back. Another issue I am worried about is cancer day to day there are many people with cancer although people have create many ways for the people to left smoking but that would only be take off if humans see the danger of it and have self obedience, the ozone layer holes are letting uv rays pass to the earth which is giving cancer to people to. The last issue I am worried about is young girls having sexual relations and being pregnant its becoming more common and in ages from 11 to 13 from 5 about 3 have already have sexual relations and many of the poeple that get pregnnant is because they don't have an education and they are poor and have kids so they get more poor.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday night

Today Friday, I am going to go to a party with the girls of the miss Colombia at the Club Union. It is at 9:00pm I thhink is going to be a very cool and fun party.This is a party that is make all the years when they come there is one in the Club Cartagena and one in the Club Union which is the one Iam going to go to.

At the party we were mnay of us there we were; Mariana, margui, Juliana,Sara,Nohora,Suad,Alex,Mariam, and me.It was very fun first we sit ans see the miss of each department.This party is a party which they ,make to show the beuty queens to the people.Then we started to walk everywhere to see the people and we were going to dance but we were to shy.

It was a great vent which I like a lot it was vey cool and i enjoyed alot if you havn't go you should take the opportunityto go sometime and have a great time.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Scapegoat Zone

Sometimes stories or plays try to give us a message.Monsters are Due on Maple Street gave me a message and the message it gave me was that a scapegoat is not the better way to solve problems. I think so because they people from Maple Street were always trying to find a scapegoat with the minimum suspicious thing that happened. My message is related with the closing comments in that they said that they just let them without light and some of their machines without working and they pick the most dangerous enemy they can find...and it's themselves because beyond them they found a scapegoat which has nothing to do. A part in the story were I can show my message is for example when Les Goodman car started and everyone said he was suspicious, or when they said it was Charlie because he kill Pete Van Horn but he did it because he thought he was a monster, or when Charlie said it was Tommy because he knew about the thing that came overhead and what they wanted.

I think that "a scapegoat is not the better solution to problems" is a great message and I fill that is like that because when you are frustrated in a problem you just try to find the answer in the first thing you see or the first suspicious thing.This message applies still in today's world because you can see in the legal or illegal problem that they try to find someone so that the others don't get catch up and when they don't have suspicious they just invented and everyone is against that person just for saving himself. But sometimes because other people are saying that is other People fault they take them as the guilty one.

If I make the play today I will put illegal immigrants as the one's causing the blackout. The machines or objects that will be affected by the blackout will be; cellphones, gameboys, computers, ipods, mp3, and more things.My play will take place in a huge business city.Tommmy will know that the ones causing the blackout are illegal immigrants who want to stole the great Russian diamond.The people will not fight so much between them and will be united to fight against the illegal immigrants.At first they will try to find a scapegoat because they don't know of the illegal immigrants and they will try to solve the blackout but they wouldn't know what is happening so they find a scapegoat.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


What are you doing for novembrinas ? well I hope you do something very ecxiting. In novembrinas i am probably staying here but i am goign to miss Colombia stuff. I love buty pageants and I hope the girls I am with is the winner.This novembrinas my whole fam,ily is coming to Cartagena so it is goig to be a very cool novenmbrinas in family I hope we travel a lot together. I think that novembrinas is very cool because its like just a little short vacaction in which you can cach up with things. Although i like novembrinas i can't wait christmas to come I love Christmas is so cool and you get to be full of present as it was your b-day.Which are some of the presents you want? I am not to explicit in what i want but I am soon going to know.I hope you have greta novembrinas.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lost at the Island of the Sun

splash, splash, splash we start to swim me and two friends and the sister of one of my friends. It was very in the morning and we didn't know what to do. Placka ta pun! "oh its katie she dropped something, " Lindsay said. Katie is 13 years old she is scared and concerned on what is happening she is a coward but we are going to help her, Jackie is her sister she is 5 years old she is a little sweet blond girl she is unconcerned on what is happening and for her it seems that anything it happening she is just playing with her duck and anything g matters, Jessica is very valiant and adventurous and me I am scared of what is happening but I am very adventurous.

Grrr, grr,grr our stomach sounded. "We haven't eat anything in the day we are very hungry," Katie said. Jackie had a big box of bubble gum which she was eating but needed real food. Jessica said. Jessica and me which we were the most adventurous decided to go into the jungle to see what we could find some food while Katie was with her sister. We found a palm tree with lots of coconuts we put them in a huge bag, the we find some delicious bananas, and some cacao tree that was fine for us we went to the beach again and everyone was very happy because we had food to eat then we went fishing Katie and her sister came with us we fish four fishes and a crab bite katie's finger she had blood and was crying we went fast to the beach and put a leave on her finger took a tree and we carved it and make a bowl we took the salty water of the sea and cook the fishes with eat them with banana and we drink coconut water.

We didn't have a place to sleep so we needed to find something there were lots of insects and mosquitoes and Katie was allergic to mosquitoes we get some wood and palm tree leaves we put the stick of wood in the sand and palm tree leave as a roof took more palm tree leaves and put them in the floor and we used some towels we had as blankets. " now everything id ready to sleep." Lindsay said.

Auch, auch, auch When we were eating some banana beside the shore a crab bite katie's finger she was yelling and crying and she had a lot of blood so we put her a leave tie with a string from a tree. "it hurts a lot."Katie said. She drink some water and she calmed down. She slept for a while and I went to find more stuff that we needed.

We were all so nervous the only one that had hope was Jessica I thought I was going to spend the rest of my lifetime in that Island couldn't find a solution although we search and search for one we didn't have any communication with the rest of the world."we are lost." Lindsay said.

We didn't have any transportation and even some hard wood to build a boat."I found a stick."Jessica said. We didn't have anything that could help us to get to a safe place. We didn't had any solution and we started to think in communication because transportation was too difficult without having communication.

bling, bling ,"I've got an idea."Lindsay said." I had a plan I once saw at a movie I took a coconut,then I took some gum Jackie was chewing and a wire string I found. I stick the wire stick to the coconut with the bubble gum and it worked it was like a radio we get o talk with the police and we told them were we were and they said they were going to do what they could.

We saw the bright sun we were very thirsty and now any of us had hope. We saw a little thing at the end of the ocean but we thought it was an illusion but it eally wasn't it was the police and our familiars they came to save us and we called that island the Island of the Sun. We thought we were spending our life and died there but we just spend a few hours. "We are safe." Jackie shout.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Terrible unlucky Day

Hi my name is Hillary and I am 13 years old. I am going to tell you about this awful holiday I've had. Everything started Friday October 13 at the cafeteria when I past down the ladder (4)first I failed down,then the man dropped the paint on me,and finally the stupid of Nick fell down and throw me his food.When I get to class I didn't have a (1)pencil,a pen,or marker to write with and I had a test. When I was in the classroom the teacher ask me why havent you take ot your pencill I said (8)oh, I forget it.She told me that she have already tell me to have a something to write with and she took away my recess.The teacher said we are going to present this projects to 9th grade students I said (8)how?, we havn't practice anything. In 9th grade was the boy I like.

When we got there the enviorement was (2)calm,quiet,and respectful. Anyone was laughing at us like they normally do.In the classroom i dropped the poster, (3)I couldn't talk normally, and i throw the water of the project to zack the boy I like.(5)To go out of school we need to wait about 2 hours, that is so estressing.(6)While I wait for the car I talked with my best friends about my terrible unlucky day.(7)Since I was hungry, when I got home I ate a delicious lunch.Finally this day ended and all of the rest of the days my luckiness came back.

*series of objects(1)
*series of modifiers(2)
*series of phrases(3)
*series of independent clauses(4)
*introductory prepositional phrase(5)
*introductory participial phrase(6)
*introductory adverb clause (7)
*introductory yes, no, or interjection(8)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My minidiscotec

When I was in fourth grade for my 11th birth day I made a mini discotec to which I invite all my friends and family.I love the party decoration and my cake it was delicious and had a beautifully design was wearing a pink skirt and a pink t-shirt when Isabella came I was so impress she came with the same akirt and t-shirt as me the same color and the same earings i was wearing and it was just a coincidence we didn't decide to dress like that it was such a coincidence.

At the party everyone danced and had a great time. It was a party and everyone was happy but when they put a song that was about friendship everybody went in and start to cry. You ask why,because Mariana one of our friends was goignt o live to Medellin we were so sad and we cried a lot it was a great moment we all cry friends are very important in life almost like your family when they are such a good friends sometimes they become part of your family.

Finally we had a lor of fun me and my classmates well most of us like minidiscotec we love dancing and parting. We are a very dancing class.
Mariana many times comoes and visitis us right now she is here in Cartagena he came to past some days here because she is going to Canada.I hope you like my post and enyojed.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Wonderful Days on the Islands

On spring break,Valentina and her cousin Stefano were going to Stefanos island, an they were each allowed to invited one person. Stefano invited Sergio, and Valentina invited me. We were going to stay for two nights, so we left on Friday, and we returned on Sunday. Julian and his family were there too. We made lots of activities and played games.

When we got to the islands the first thing we did was to go to a place and rent some kayaks. We made races in groups, Julian was alone, Stefano and Sergio were together and Valentina and I were together. We were the last ones so we told the man that took us in the boat to tye us and pull us so we did it and when he started to go on a wave came and we fell down we laugh a lot and we didn't have bathing suit on so all our cloth was wet when we get to the island we put or bathing suit on.Ride kayak is very cool and is a good excercise I love to ride kayak.

We did many more activities and we had a great weekend we heard scary stories and make games.Going to the islands is a great activity i hope i will go many more times to the islands and with all my friends it would be a great weekend full of fun I hope you like my weekend.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Reaction To my Problems

Everyone has problems. But each one has its own way to solve them, I deal with problems in my life sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad ways bad habits that I have is when I have problem sometimes I shout the other person and we make a bigger fight. Habits I use when I am trying to solve a problem is to discuss it calmly and talking about the problem to see what we would do about it'd. I use different strategies when I am under pressure and when I have time to reflect and think about it, When I'm under pressure is the time when I shout and make the problem bigger but when I can reflect and think about it I talk with the person and get the problem fix.

One day when I was at one of my friends house we were playing soccer and I step of one of my friends foot and then she was like ouch! And she start shouting at me telling me that I did it on purpose, and I told her that I didn't mean to do it, I shout at her and then we started fighting and we didn't talk to each other. Then we solve the problem and we were friends again think that we shouldn't shout at each other and talk slow and calmly. With all the fighting I forget to tell her that I was sorry and she didn't have to shout and me like that. I have many different ways of solving problems but I should mostly use the good way.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

*My Weekend on The Islands*

At the beginning of the year, Valeria invited Isabella, Ana Carolina, and I to her island. We stayed there from Saturday, al the way o Monday, so we stayed for about 2 days. Everyday we rode kayaks, and it was super fun. On Sunday, some men in a little boat, more like a canoe, got near the island and sold u some fine bracelets and necklaces that they hand-made, they were incredible! Each one of us got one bracelets that meant something, for example, some of them meant frog, mother, dogs, and other things.

That same day, on Sunday, we rode kayak all the way to the other side of the island. It was fun, but we had some complications in the way. For example, we were very tired, so we were resting in the kayak, and the strong currents almost took us all the way to open sea, and we were very frightened. After those incidents we went to a reef nearby and snorkeled. We saw like about a million different types of fish, but one kind that I rarely saw, but I liked the most, was a blue colored fish with like sparkly dots all around it, it was surely a beautiful sight!

After all that adventures on Sunday, on Monday we had a lot more. We went to the island of a girl named Gabriela that is in 6th grade. That day we saw a lot of other people too. We saw Sergio and Juan Manuel that were on Stefano’s island, and they looked like they wee having a great time.

I had a great time on Valeria’s island. We had lots of adventures, we did hundreds of different activities, we saw great sceneries, we encountered lots of people, and we had a great time. I hope we go to her island again and have many more adventures than this time, although I had a blast!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Creating my Blog

At the beginning when I was creating my blog I thought that it was going to be great and fun and is still think that. I expected that creating a blog was going to be more difficult and more complicated and I now see it is, but is as cool as I thought. For me is very easy to maintain my web blog, my teacher make us to do two blogs and three coments per week so that way it is easier to maintaing my blog but if my teacher didn’t put us any blogs to do maybe it would be more difficult for us to maintain our web blog. Right now I think I am in the ride path and I am understanding all the instructions and things of blogger it is not so complicated and most think it is.

When we first started to create or blogs I thaught this was going to be very difficult. Then I understood everything clearly and it wasn't difficult.About putting links in the blogs is a little difficult, putting pictures in my posts is very easy, and settings and the rest of stuff is easy to.It surprise me alot that i did't think that I was going to have my own web page and was going to cretaed in my english class.About blogging I have learned about how to put links in any stuuf and how to make a blogger web. I had a great time creating my blog I hope yours to.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Story Full of Suspense

Some days ago I read with my classmates a story called Three Skeleton Key, I like it a lot. It was a great story full of suspense and scary things. Though I didn’t like that Itchoua; one of the friends died, but it was an interesting story. I f you are one of those persons that like scary and suspenseful stories I recommend you to read it. I have never read a story like this one. In my life I haven't never had an experience like this and I don't want to have it.

I think that is to fake what they said about the rats that they drive the boat like theiy are so little and it would be to hard for them to take the steering wheel and drive. It was too much coincidence that there were sharks sorrounding the key.Maybe you have read other stories about this author that are very fun and you can recomend the author of this book is called George G. Toudouze he has made many of the stories in my english book he is a good author.

Finally i think it was a good story but with some fake and sad things lthough it was fine so if you one to know more details read Three Skeleton Key.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My weekend...

In this weekend I did many cool things. On Friday I went to sleep to Catalina's house, we had an awsome night. The next day we went to the pool and invited some friends.We called Margui,Isa G.,Vale M., Ana caro, Isa M., Suad and some boys. We first went to the Club Caratagena but there were lots of people, so we decided to go to the Club Union.We went to te pool and ejoyed it a lot.Then I went to cata´s house, take a bath and get myself ready to go out with my friends to Crepes & Waffles.

When we got there we ordered and ate the food, it was delicious. Later we ate desert, I love does ice creams. We saw other friends too , like people in 8th grade or people of others school. We talked for a little while and then went to get my things to my apartment because I was going to sleep in valentina's house. When we where ready, Margui´s brother came to pick up us to Mc.Donalds.

Later we got to vale´s house, we needed to be carefull because her parents where sleeping. So we put our pj´s on and started to have fun. At first, like at 11:oopm.we played in the computer and we also chated with some people by msn.A little while later, we heard music and started dancing High School Musical. We really had fun! At 2:00am we were a little hungry, so we whent to get some food to the kitchen. We had two sandwiches with peanutbutter with coke. Finally we were very tierd so we went to sleeped.

In conclusion, I had a wonderfull, fun weekend. That weekend was very special to me. I hope that every weekend could be as cool as this one. Sometimes I really think that this could´t happend if it wasn´t becouse of my friends. They maked this weeked much better than if was going to be. I hope this can happend again.