Thursday, February 15, 2007

Celebrities and Eating Disorders

As I said on my last post I wanted to search more about the eating disorders on famous people I found on celebrities. Many famous people have an eating disorder I can say that mostly girls because I haven’t found any famous men with an eating disorder.

The first women I found was a Brazilian model called Ana Carolina Reston which died when she was 21 years old. This happened because she had anorexia, and anorexia gave her an infection which killed her. Her cousin Dani Grimaldi told the estado the Sao Paulo that her cousin once had bulimia to. It is terrible and heartbreaking to say that someone died because she couldn’t get a treatment for an eating disorder. Mostly if she died at age 21 anorexia is an eating disorder that needs to be taken serious.

The second celebrity I search on was Nicole Richie very know for many teenagers. A doctor called DR. Jantz said that if she didn’t take care of herself she could die like she is putting herself in danger. She is working with a team of doctors who are nutritionists to eat on a healthy way although this is not a treatment for an eating disorder. She left the eating disorder treatment 72 hours later. They found her under the influence of drugs so the people said is it drugs who make her skinny or anorexia or both.

Lindsay Lohan was another girl who had an eating disorder she says that it ruin her life. She doesn’t like that girls follow them just for being famous and having money like who said that money buys you health, money, and love.

Another girl who admitted she had an eating disorder in her pre-teen years was Ashley Simpson. She learned a lesson from the experience to love her body. She thinks that she has good curves and is not sexy a women who is just a bone and is sad when someone looks at the mirror and sees herself ugly.

I think that what Ashley Simpson thinks about a girl looking at the mirror and seeing herself ugly is very often on people. Mostly teenagers when they look in the mirror they never see themselves as a beautiful girl they always found something even a little thing they don’t like about themselves for examples today in the world many girls when they have there sweet 15 or 16 they ask there parents to give some kind of plastic surgery don’t matter the risk it has.

I think that a girl who has 15 or 16 is not at the age to have a plastic surgery. They start at that age and you don’t know how many more surgeries they are going to make they aren’t natural anymore. The girls or boys should feel and be comfortable with their physic appearance and what they have that is the way God make them. But obviously if they have a surgery because they had an accident it doesn’t matter.

Other things that I want to know about my topic are the eating disorders on men. The opinion of doctors on eating disorders. I hope you like my post and see all those Hollywood stars you believe have a perfect life.


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