Friday, February 09, 2007

Eating disorders

One of the first’s things I read on an article in Google News which was about parents influencing their daughters in having eating disorders. Most of the people that think of an eating disorder do not thing of it being related with the family but the family is a great influenced, sometimes parents make their daughters or sons to be thin and start saying them they need to be thin or criticizing on their shape or weight although they do not know that they could cause a severe problem as an eating disorder. This could happen because sometimes parents when they were kids or mostly teenagers always wanted to be thin or had a psychological problem for being thin. Parents influencing kids start concerning them from their childhood.

I saw two videos of eating disorders in the BBC News one was about a girl who wanted to be thin but she never thought of an eating disorder. But searching on the internet she saw a page that said you hate yourself, you are fat you want to be anorexic and then she started reading and she registered on the page she says that it ruins her life she would wish that the page have never appeared.

The other video I saw was on Italian government targeting Italian models for no being anorexic and extremely thin. The Italian government is trying to make people and teenagers see that you don’t have to be anorexic to be beautiful as a model. I think this is an excellent project and a great idea Italians had.

I didn’t know that parents influenced their daughters to having an eating disorder. I think that when people make campaigns or things to have less people with eating disorders they should not only talk with the kids or teenagers they should talk to their parents. When they talk with them they should guide them. The schools should do campaigns for eating disorders because you almost past most of the day at school, and the school is your second family almost any school here in Cartagena I think makes any campaigns or teachings to the teenagers and kids to be prevented for eating disorders. By making kids aware, kids would not go to WebPages or thing on the web to have an eating disorder. I have a friend who was anorexic bur just starting she was thin and she said she was fat she didn’t eat any breakfast and anything at school she just ate her lunch during the day. But then I and my friends started telling her she needed to eat because she could get sick and she start eating and now she eats at school and has a great body weight and shape.

I think I should research more on the family reaction when people have an eating disorder and the family help given to the affected. On the percentage of Hollywood stars with an eating disorder as the Olsen twins, Victoria Beckaman, and Lindsay Lohan this are some famous people that are involved or have been involved in eating disorders, I want to know how they feel know before of it ad if they have right now how do they feel right now.

Finally this re the things I want to learn and my opinion I hope you like it.


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hi lichi! please i think ta=hat theme is really good. i eat allways in disorder...jajaja see ya!

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