Saturday, March 03, 2007

I couldn’t found information on male celebrities with eating disorders but I did found information on psychologist opinion . I found the opinion of psychologists in Spain. Psychologists made a goal to study the relationship between dissatisfaction with someone’s body shape and weight and eating disorders with students in Basque country. The psychologists took 969 students in ages from 11 to 18 years old, in which 508 were female and 461 were males. They made them a questionnaire, the eating attitude test and the body dissatisfaction scale of the eating disorders inventory. The results were that the probability of females having an eating disorder was 7.1 % and the probability of men having an eating disorder was of 2.4 %. Appeared that the concern of body shape in females was the 32% and the concern of body shape and weight in males 8.9 %. Studies proved that in pre- adolescence and adolescence is when the persons are more at risk of having an eating disorder we should make campaigns.

Body image is the three-dimensional mental representation that each person has of itself. This image us continually constructed and determine a physical, psychological, and social way of being the person.. According to the psychologist Schilder 1958.

Know the opinion of Slade 1988 he defines body image as the picture each of us has in or mind of the size of each of us. Also the characteristics. The feelings, thoughts and beliefs of each person. Also the social. The development of the image is influenced by events as illness, being sexually abuse and socialization.

I already talk about what psychologists think about body image because this is one of the first causes of an eating disorder. I think that people should learn to love each other no matter if they are fat thin or normal. If people when they get an eating disorder they think that they are helping themselves and their body because they are going to be more beautiful they are not conscious of what they re doing and what can an eating disorders cause. They do not love themselves and those people have a low self-esteem. That is the way God make you God made you like that for a reason. You could died just for being thin having an eating disorder if you know that something like this is happening to you, you should tell your family and ask urgently for a group of doctors as psychologist because it affects your mind, nutritionists and doctors they will help you have a healthy and good way for eating and if you try to get a cure on time you could be safe.
If you have an eating disorder you could not get pregnant and almost everyone in the world would want to have a baby. If you get an eating disorders to have that spectacular body you see t the rich and famous people on TV so that people like you or to have a couple if people re going to like you or you are going to have a couple he should like you for your way of being. Your feelings and not for your physic and body image.

I hope that of you read get conscious of what is to have an eating disorder.

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