Saturday, April 07, 2007

Reflections On TLP

When we first started the Teen Life Project I thought it will just be a simple English project, in which we would just do it and then forget about everything but I know that I would never forget this project in which I learn a lot and meat new friends from different parts of the world.

I didn’t just have many friends I learn mainly about eating disorders which was my topic for the Teen Life Project. Now I will always be prevented and I will never have an eating disorder nor I will permit someone around me will have an eating disorder.

I learn about the three main types of eating disorders which are bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating. Bulimia is when someone is scared of getting weight so they do not eat then from the extreme hunger they do binge eating and they fill very fat for all the things they have eaten so they throw up, Anorexia is when someone is in good shape but he or she sees themselves very fat and they start to put themselves under extreme dieting so they became very thin, finally binge eating which means compulsive eating as the names says, its people that eat food in huge amounts for example a person with binge eating will eat a whole cake instead of one or two slices.

There are many celebrities in the world that have eating disorders and many of us want to be like them. Just for that we get eating disorders just because they are rich and have the “perfect life” but who said that money will buy your health, your interior peace, and family love. Eating disorders are not just physically they are also from the mind the way you fell with yourself and others.

Men with eating disorders is treated in another way many men are scared of telling someone they have an eating disorder because they could be consider homosexual, this is because homosexual men re more worried about there physical appearance, body shape, and weight. Many of them do not get a cure because of the lack of treatment places for men because they would be shy to tell their experiences in front of a group of women.

Women that are pregnant can’t have babies while having an eating disorder but after the eating disorder problem when they are cured they have more probabilities to getting pregnant.

I think that people should be sure and comfortable with the way they are the way God created them. Or if someone thinks he or she is a little overweight he should talk to a nutritionist so that he or she would give you a balanced diet in which you would have the correct shape or weight that goes with your body. Especially for having a healthy body because the important is the inside not the outside and if someone is going to like you should look at the inside and your feelings not what you are in the outside. You should also make a lot of exercise to maintain a good body shape. No matter what the people tell you or said about your body shape or weight you should always be yourself, have self confidence, and be sure of you.

Finally this was a great project in which I learned thousands of things. From he projects you make in your childhood you forget most of them but I know I would never forget it. We learn many things like making a documentary it was really fun making one. I hope any of us never forget about this great project and I hope you like my reflection.

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