Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Scapegoat Zone

Sometimes stories or plays try to give us a message.Monsters are Due on Maple Street gave me a message and the message it gave me was that a scapegoat is not the better way to solve problems. I think so because they people from Maple Street were always trying to find a scapegoat with the minimum suspicious thing that happened. My message is related with the closing comments in that they said that they just let them without light and some of their machines without working and they pick the most dangerous enemy they can find...and it's themselves because beyond them they found a scapegoat which has nothing to do. A part in the story were I can show my message is for example when Les Goodman car started and everyone said he was suspicious, or when they said it was Charlie because he kill Pete Van Horn but he did it because he thought he was a monster, or when Charlie said it was Tommy because he knew about the thing that came overhead and what they wanted.

I think that "a scapegoat is not the better solution to problems" is a great message and I fill that is like that because when you are frustrated in a problem you just try to find the answer in the first thing you see or the first suspicious thing.This message applies still in today's world because you can see in the legal or illegal problem that they try to find someone so that the others don't get catch up and when they don't have suspicious they just invented and everyone is against that person just for saving himself. But sometimes because other people are saying that is other People fault they take them as the guilty one.

If I make the play today I will put illegal immigrants as the one's causing the blackout. The machines or objects that will be affected by the blackout will be; cellphones, gameboys, computers, ipods, mp3, and more things.My play will take place in a huge business city.Tommmy will know that the ones causing the blackout are illegal immigrants who want to stole the great Russian diamond.The people will not fight so much between them and will be united to fight against the illegal immigrants.At first they will try to find a scapegoat because they don't know of the illegal immigrants and they will try to solve the blackout but they wouldn't know what is happening so they find a scapegoat.

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