Wednesday, November 01, 2006


What are you doing for novembrinas ? well I hope you do something very ecxiting. In novembrinas i am probably staying here but i am goign to miss Colombia stuff. I love buty pageants and I hope the girls I am with is the winner.This novembrinas my whole fam,ily is coming to Cartagena so it is goig to be a very cool novenmbrinas in family I hope we travel a lot together. I think that novembrinas is very cool because its like just a little short vacaction in which you can cach up with things. Although i like novembrinas i can't wait christmas to come I love Christmas is so cool and you get to be full of present as it was your b-day.Which are some of the presents you want? I am not to explicit in what i want but I am soon going to know.I hope you have greta novembrinas.

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