Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday night

Today Friday, I am going to go to a party with the girls of the miss Colombia at the Club Union. It is at 9:00pm I thhink is going to be a very cool and fun party.This is a party that is make all the years when they come there is one in the Club Cartagena and one in the Club Union which is the one Iam going to go to.

At the party we were mnay of us there we were; Mariana, margui, Juliana,Sara,Nohora,Suad,Alex,Mariam, and me.It was very fun first we sit ans see the miss of each department.This party is a party which they ,make to show the beuty queens to the people.Then we started to walk everywhere to see the people and we were going to dance but we were to shy.

It was a great vent which I like a lot it was vey cool and i enjoyed alot if you havn't go you should take the opportunityto go sometime and have a great time.

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