Friday, January 26, 2007

Eating disorders

I am very interested in what Hanisa from Malaysia wrote about teenagers and how they are affected by the media I will like to talk more about 3 eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Being eating. First I’ll explain each of them from what I know Anorexia is very common and it consists in: people being thin by they see themselves as if they were fat. bulimia is that the people are scared of gaining weight so they don't eat but the they are very hungry so they eat a lot and then they throw out so that it is like if they haven’t eat anything. Being eating is another eating disorder which consists of compulsive eating. Now I am going to explain more specifically the eating disorders.

I will start with bulimia the physical symptoms of bulimia your teeth and gun get damage, you have dehydration, fatigue, dry skin, irregular heart beat, scars or calluses on knuckles and hands, and menstrual irregularities. The motion and behaviors of people with bulimia is they have constant dieting, episodes of binge-eating, feeling out of control, scared of getting weight, unhealthy body shape ad weight, and depression or anxiety. The causes of bulimia are psychological, sociocultural, and biological. The risk factors are: dieting, puberty, transitions, sports work and artistic activities, media and society. Complications: cardio vascular problems, tooth and gun problems, throat and mouth problems, low potassium levels, digestive problems, abuse of medication and drugs. Treatment: medical care, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, medication and hospitalization.

Now anorexia the sign and symptoms of anorexia are; physical: weight loss, no periods, fainting, and cold intolerance. Behavior: extract diet; eat hiding, binge eating, compulsive exercise. Emotional: depression, anxiety, low-self estern, gains weight, body image distortion. Causes: teenagers, women up to 20, people develop anorexia by pure pression. Risk factors: by dieting, by weight loss, weight gain, puberty, sport work and artistic activity. Complications: anemia, heart problems, bone loss, ling problems, absence of periods, I males the decrease of testosterone, and kidneys problems. Treatment: medical care psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, hospitalization.

Binge-eating: sign and symptoms: eating excessive amounts of food in which the other people would eat under similar situations, until pain, eating much more food between meals than a normal meal or snack, eating fast, feeling depressed, lots of anxiety, eating alone. Here are just the symptoms for you to know sorry I didn’t have the rest of information.

Many girls are influenced to have an eating disorder by the media and social. Is that today many girls are suffering for being fat, they get nicknames or are not accept by people. Every girl wants to be like the ones they see at the TV most of them have an eating disorder for example Olsen twins and Nicole Richie they are famous and very beautiful girls but not eating makes them ugly and is not only of the way they see physically they can get sick. Psychologically they are not right and sometimes these girls want to go back but sometimes they are too late but most of the time if you have the positive thinking and all the energy to do it you can do it. Well here I have things you can know check to see if you have one to go fast and take it off your mind and body.

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