Thursday, January 11, 2007

Issues for my life and in the future

Hy name is Lisette and I am 13 years old, as you may knowI study in Colegio Jorge Washington and I live in Cartagena, Colombia. I like soccer and basketball but I am only in basketball team this year i practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridyas. On weekends I go out with my friends to campito,El corral, crepe's & waffles,Club Cartagena,El otoyal or sometimes we go to islands in which we have a great time and a alot of fun. My schedule starts at 7:00am when school begins and ends at 2:30pm. This year me and my classmates are making a teen life project and this project consists in choosing an issue that you think is important for your life and future. We have to make a presentation of our issue and then we are going to talk with people from other places like United States, Canda ,and Malasya and learn more thing about our issue.

One of the issues I pick was global warming it consists in that the atmosphere is getting thicker because of the gases from earth the spray stuff use gas for expulsing the the substance it contains, that gas damages the atmosphere and is not protecting us too much from the rays which is melting the poles and the level of water is going up. Another thing that is involved in global warming are fabric which throw smog and chemicals to the atmosphere as the same as a cigarrete smoke.

Another issue that I am worried about today and in the future a lot for my country is the guerrilla which is are ilegal forces who want to take power of the goverment little kids are take to train to grow up as guerrilla they tell them that they would give them food and all the things they need. The guerrilla kidnapped and kill many people living their families in continues procupation whith a non fill spot in their hearts, they kidnapped them and tell people an amount of money they have to give so that their familiars can be back. Another issue I am worried about is cancer day to day there are many people with cancer although people have create many ways for the people to left smoking but that would only be take off if humans see the danger of it and have self obedience, the ozone layer holes are letting uv rays pass to the earth which is giving cancer to people to. The last issue I am worried about is young girls having sexual relations and being pregnant its becoming more common and in ages from 11 to 13 from 5 about 3 have already have sexual relations and many of the poeple that get pregnnant is because they don't have an education and they are poor and have kids so they get more poor.

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