Friday, September 29, 2006

Creating my Blog

At the beginning when I was creating my blog I thought that it was going to be great and fun and is still think that. I expected that creating a blog was going to be more difficult and more complicated and I now see it is, but is as cool as I thought. For me is very easy to maintain my web blog, my teacher make us to do two blogs and three coments per week so that way it is easier to maintaing my blog but if my teacher didn’t put us any blogs to do maybe it would be more difficult for us to maintain our web blog. Right now I think I am in the ride path and I am understanding all the instructions and things of blogger it is not so complicated and most think it is.

When we first started to create or blogs I thaught this was going to be very difficult. Then I understood everything clearly and it wasn't difficult.About putting links in the blogs is a little difficult, putting pictures in my posts is very easy, and settings and the rest of stuff is easy to.It surprise me alot that i did't think that I was going to have my own web page and was going to cretaed in my english class.About blogging I have learned about how to put links in any stuuf and how to make a blogger web. I had a great time creating my blog I hope yours to.

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classroom109 said...

When I started my blog I thought it would be hard also, but it really wasn't to difficult. I think you did a great blog. Can't wait for more writing. Keep it up