Friday, September 15, 2006

steve irwin...

Steve Irwin was famous for his program, The Cocodrile Hunter, and for his love for animals. Steve Irwin was born in Australia, were he started working with his dad by protecting cocodriles from illegal hunters and moving them to safe places.

A few days ago Steve Irwin was filming a documentary on ocean creatures and a stingray attack him. Stingrays are very shy and usually stay in the oceanfloor, but when they feel threathened they use barbs to protect themselves. People believe that the stingray felt threatened by Steve and the camera man.

Prime Minister John Howard said Irwin’s death is “ a huge loss to Australia.”
Howard called Irwin “a wonderful character” and a “passionate

Irwin spent his life facing danger in the wild. “Crikey!” Irwin would shout while wrestling crocodiles or handling poisonous snakes and spiders. His brave adventures were designed to teach the world to respect wildlife. Irwin also fought against the hunting of wildlife and worked with animals in their own habitats.

I think that Steve Irwin was a great person and should always be remember. He was doing things that anyone of us do, he was protecting animals because in the world just a few people take care of them. My sience teacher, Ms. Alba, told me something that is true. When you buy a puppy, you take care of him and you said "oh the cute pupy" but when he grows up you don´t take him out to walk and don´t take care of them. Animals have feelings! Protect animals, and always remember Steve Irwin, a great animal protector and a passionate environmentalist.

I got infromation from an article written by Dina El Nabli for Time For Kids News.

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