Saturday, September 30, 2006

*My Weekend on The Islands*

At the beginning of the year, Valeria invited Isabella, Ana Carolina, and I to her island. We stayed there from Saturday, al the way o Monday, so we stayed for about 2 days. Everyday we rode kayaks, and it was super fun. On Sunday, some men in a little boat, more like a canoe, got near the island and sold u some fine bracelets and necklaces that they hand-made, they were incredible! Each one of us got one bracelets that meant something, for example, some of them meant frog, mother, dogs, and other things.

That same day, on Sunday, we rode kayak all the way to the other side of the island. It was fun, but we had some complications in the way. For example, we were very tired, so we were resting in the kayak, and the strong currents almost took us all the way to open sea, and we were very frightened. After those incidents we went to a reef nearby and snorkeled. We saw like about a million different types of fish, but one kind that I rarely saw, but I liked the most, was a blue colored fish with like sparkly dots all around it, it was surely a beautiful sight!

After all that adventures on Sunday, on Monday we had a lot more. We went to the island of a girl named Gabriela that is in 6th grade. That day we saw a lot of other people too. We saw Sergio and Juan Manuel that were on Stefano’s island, and they looked like they wee having a great time.

I had a great time on Valeria’s island. We had lots of adventures, we did hundreds of different activities, we saw great sceneries, we encountered lots of people, and we had a great time. I hope we go to her island again and have many more adventures than this time, although I had a blast!

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natalia y. said...

It seems like you had a great time in Valeria's island. I really would also be scared if something like the kayak thing would happen to me. However, it was very exciting just reading your post. I liked it alot.