Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My weekend...

In this weekend I did many cool things. On Friday I went to sleep to Catalina's house, we had an awsome night. The next day we went to the pool and invited some friends.We called Margui,Isa G.,Vale M., Ana caro, Isa M., Suad and some boys. We first went to the Club Caratagena but there were lots of people, so we decided to go to the Club Union.We went to te pool and ejoyed it a lot.Then I went to cata´s house, take a bath and get myself ready to go out with my friends to Crepes & Waffles.

When we got there we ordered and ate the food, it was delicious. Later we ate desert, I love does ice creams. We saw other friends too , like people in 8th grade or people of others school. We talked for a little while and then went to get my things to my apartment because I was going to sleep in valentina's house. When we where ready, Margui´s brother came to pick up us to Mc.Donalds.

Later we got to vale´s house, we needed to be carefull because her parents where sleeping. So we put our pj´s on and started to have fun. At first, like at 11:oopm.we played in the computer and we also chated with some people by msn.A little while later, we heard music and started dancing High School Musical. We really had fun! At 2:00am we were a little hungry, so we whent to get some food to the kitchen. We had two sandwiches with peanutbutter with coke. Finally we were very tierd so we went to sleeped.

In conclusion, I had a wonderfull, fun weekend. That weekend was very special to me. I hope that every weekend could be as cool as this one. Sometimes I really think that this could´t happend if it wasn´t becouse of my friends. They maked this weeked much better than if was going to be. I hope this can happend again.

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Alexandra C. said...

Hi lichi. I liked your post, sounds like you had fun that weekend.