Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lost at the Island of the Sun

splash, splash, splash we start to swim me and two friends and the sister of one of my friends. It was very in the morning and we didn't know what to do. Placka ta pun! "oh its katie she dropped something, " Lindsay said. Katie is 13 years old she is scared and concerned on what is happening she is a coward but we are going to help her, Jackie is her sister she is 5 years old she is a little sweet blond girl she is unconcerned on what is happening and for her it seems that anything it happening she is just playing with her duck and anything g matters, Jessica is very valiant and adventurous and me I am scared of what is happening but I am very adventurous.

Grrr, grr,grr our stomach sounded. "We haven't eat anything in the day we are very hungry," Katie said. Jackie had a big box of bubble gum which she was eating but needed real food. Jessica said. Jessica and me which we were the most adventurous decided to go into the jungle to see what we could find some food while Katie was with her sister. We found a palm tree with lots of coconuts we put them in a huge bag, the we find some delicious bananas, and some cacao tree that was fine for us we went to the beach again and everyone was very happy because we had food to eat then we went fishing Katie and her sister came with us we fish four fishes and a crab bite katie's finger she had blood and was crying we went fast to the beach and put a leave on her finger took a tree and we carved it and make a bowl we took the salty water of the sea and cook the fishes with eat them with banana and we drink coconut water.

We didn't have a place to sleep so we needed to find something there were lots of insects and mosquitoes and Katie was allergic to mosquitoes we get some wood and palm tree leaves we put the stick of wood in the sand and palm tree leave as a roof took more palm tree leaves and put them in the floor and we used some towels we had as blankets. " now everything id ready to sleep." Lindsay said.

Auch, auch, auch When we were eating some banana beside the shore a crab bite katie's finger she was yelling and crying and she had a lot of blood so we put her a leave tie with a string from a tree. "it hurts a lot."Katie said. She drink some water and she calmed down. She slept for a while and I went to find more stuff that we needed.

We were all so nervous the only one that had hope was Jessica I thought I was going to spend the rest of my lifetime in that Island couldn't find a solution although we search and search for one we didn't have any communication with the rest of the world."we are lost." Lindsay said.

We didn't have any transportation and even some hard wood to build a boat."I found a stick."Jessica said. We didn't have anything that could help us to get to a safe place. We didn't had any solution and we started to think in communication because transportation was too difficult without having communication.

bling, bling ,"I've got an idea."Lindsay said." I had a plan I once saw at a movie I took a coconut,then I took some gum Jackie was chewing and a wire string I found. I stick the wire stick to the coconut with the bubble gum and it worked it was like a radio we get o talk with the police and we told them were we were and they said they were going to do what they could.

We saw the bright sun we were very thirsty and now any of us had hope. We saw a little thing at the end of the ocean but we thought it was an illusion but it eally wasn't it was the police and our familiars they came to save us and we called that island the Island of the Sun. We thought we were spending our life and died there but we just spend a few hours. "We are safe." Jackie shout.

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