Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Reaction To my Problems

Everyone has problems. But each one has its own way to solve them, I deal with problems in my life sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad ways bad habits that I have is when I have problem sometimes I shout the other person and we make a bigger fight. Habits I use when I am trying to solve a problem is to discuss it calmly and talking about the problem to see what we would do about it'd. I use different strategies when I am under pressure and when I have time to reflect and think about it, When I'm under pressure is the time when I shout and make the problem bigger but when I can reflect and think about it I talk with the person and get the problem fix.

One day when I was at one of my friends house we were playing soccer and I step of one of my friends foot and then she was like ouch! And she start shouting at me telling me that I did it on purpose, and I told her that I didn't mean to do it, I shout at her and then we started fighting and we didn't talk to each other. Then we solve the problem and we were friends again think that we shouldn't shout at each other and talk slow and calmly. With all the fighting I forget to tell her that I was sorry and she didn't have to shout and me like that. I have many different ways of solving problems but I should mostly use the good way.

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