Thursday, October 12, 2006

My minidiscotec

When I was in fourth grade for my 11th birth day I made a mini discotec to which I invite all my friends and family.I love the party decoration and my cake it was delicious and had a beautifully design was wearing a pink skirt and a pink t-shirt when Isabella came I was so impress she came with the same akirt and t-shirt as me the same color and the same earings i was wearing and it was just a coincidence we didn't decide to dress like that it was such a coincidence.

At the party everyone danced and had a great time. It was a party and everyone was happy but when they put a song that was about friendship everybody went in and start to cry. You ask why,because Mariana one of our friends was goignt o live to Medellin we were so sad and we cried a lot it was a great moment we all cry friends are very important in life almost like your family when they are such a good friends sometimes they become part of your family.

Finally we had a lor of fun me and my classmates well most of us like minidiscotec we love dancing and parting. We are a very dancing class.
Mariana many times comoes and visitis us right now she is here in Cartagena he came to past some days here because she is going to Canada.I hope you like my post and enyojed.

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