Friday, October 13, 2006

A Terrible unlucky Day

Hi my name is Hillary and I am 13 years old. I am going to tell you about this awful holiday I've had. Everything started Friday October 13 at the cafeteria when I past down the ladder (4)first I failed down,then the man dropped the paint on me,and finally the stupid of Nick fell down and throw me his food.When I get to class I didn't have a (1)pencil,a pen,or marker to write with and I had a test. When I was in the classroom the teacher ask me why havent you take ot your pencill I said (8)oh, I forget it.She told me that she have already tell me to have a something to write with and she took away my recess.The teacher said we are going to present this projects to 9th grade students I said (8)how?, we havn't practice anything. In 9th grade was the boy I like.

When we got there the enviorement was (2)calm,quiet,and respectful. Anyone was laughing at us like they normally do.In the classroom i dropped the poster, (3)I couldn't talk normally, and i throw the water of the project to zack the boy I like.(5)To go out of school we need to wait about 2 hours, that is so estressing.(6)While I wait for the car I talked with my best friends about my terrible unlucky day.(7)Since I was hungry, when I got home I ate a delicious lunch.Finally this day ended and all of the rest of the days my luckiness came back.

*series of objects(1)
*series of modifiers(2)
*series of phrases(3)
*series of independent clauses(4)
*introductory prepositional phrase(5)
*introductory participial phrase(6)
*introductory adverb clause (7)
*introductory yes, no, or interjection(8)

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