Saturday, October 07, 2006

Two Wonderful Days on the Islands

On spring break,Valentina and her cousin Stefano were going to Stefanos island, an they were each allowed to invited one person. Stefano invited Sergio, and Valentina invited me. We were going to stay for two nights, so we left on Friday, and we returned on Sunday. Julian and his family were there too. We made lots of activities and played games.

When we got to the islands the first thing we did was to go to a place and rent some kayaks. We made races in groups, Julian was alone, Stefano and Sergio were together and Valentina and I were together. We were the last ones so we told the man that took us in the boat to tye us and pull us so we did it and when he started to go on a wave came and we fell down we laugh a lot and we didn't have bathing suit on so all our cloth was wet when we get to the island we put or bathing suit on.Ride kayak is very cool and is a good excercise I love to ride kayak.

We did many more activities and we had a great weekend we heard scary stories and make games.Going to the islands is a great activity i hope i will go many more times to the islands and with all my friends it would be a great weekend full of fun I hope you like my weekend.

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Isa M. said...

Hey that was an awesome weekend! Wht you did was really cool. That made me think about when I wnt to Martins Island´s we also had a great time.